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Brand: Peng Kee SKU: 1201440
FY-6 Electric Stainless steel Commercial Nonstick Bubble Waffle Maker Iron Creates Bubble Shaped Waffles Rated voltage: 220 v/50 hzrated power: 1400 w shape specification: 225*420*290 (mm)Nest egg size: about 3 cm machine net weight: 6 kg Bubble Waffle Maker DetailsThis model is updated model with t..
Brand: Peng Kee SKU: 250141
Brand: Peng Kee SKU: 250140
Product Features:1. Controllable temperature2. Simple Operation3. Install heat dissipation 4. High-speed operation, the speed can reach 5 meters per minute5.Items are packaged in one move to meet the sealing requirements of various film types6. The product is small and light, easy to control, n..
Brand: Peng Kee SKU: 250139
Brand: Peng Kee SKU: 110645
The machine uses an  electronic constant temperature mechanism and stepless speed  adjusting  transmission mechanism and it can seal plastic film or bags of various materials in various shapes. Can be assort to different seal assembly line, the seal length is unconstrained. ..
Brand: Peng Kee SKU: 110646
The FR-900 Stand Type sealer is suitable for small bags packing and adopts electronic constant temperature control system and speed adjusting transmission mechanism. It can seal plastic films of various materials. Such as PE, PP, Aluminum foil. And can be fixed date embossing system. And t..
Brand: Peng Kee SKU: 110641
>>> IMPORTANT REMARK:The machine can only use for embossed nylon bag..
Brand: Peng Kee SKU: 110644
>>> IMPORTANT REMARK:This machine can use smooth surface and embossed type of vacuum bag,. ..
Brand: Peng Kee SKU: -
>>> IMPORTANT REMARK:The machine can only use for embossed nylon bag..
Brand: Peng Kee SKU: 110604
 DIAMETER: 184MM + 161MMMachine only can apply to Rectangle Foil Pans..
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